That is the question right now for many Trigg County residents.

Nobody is ever happy about an increase in taxes but I hope the people who will make the decisions will consider what we would be losing if our hospital closes.

I would like to give you my reasons for why I think this hospital should be saved.

I have lived in Trigg County and been a property owner for almost 23 years. One of the reasons my wife and I moved to Cadiz was the fact that it had a hospital. Of course, you do not know how good a hospital is until you get to experience it first hand. I have many health problems with my lungs and, when I had to visit the Emergency Room in the past, I always received excellent care. But in 23 years I never was hospitalized in Trigg County Hospital. I have spent time in other hospitals.

This past week, I suddenly could not breathe. My wife rushed me to Trigg County Hospital. Lucky for me, it was only a 10 minute drive. After a multitude of tests they determined I have pneumonia and have to be hospitalized. My hospital room and bathroom were comfortable and spotless clean. From the moment I was put in a bed, the nurses got my IV started and shortly thereafter brought in a supper tray. Hospital food generally is not very tasty, but the beef stew that evening was delicious and so were all the other meals. The nurses checked on me constantly and couldn't do enough to make me comfortable. I never once had to use my call button. The nurses always were there before I had to call any of them. Each and every nurse on the different shifts was cheerful and took wonderful care of me. The respiratory therapists made me feel much better with their breathing treatments. The physical therapists who helped me with the exercises were great. And I certainly appreciated that Dr. Anderson supervised my care while in the hospital.

I am back home now, recuperating and feeling much better. After this past week I came to really appreciate and value Trigg County Hospital and its wonderful staff. I want to remind everyone how fortunate we are to have such a great hospital with an outstanding and caring staff . The individualized care a patient receives at Trigg County Hospital is far superior to other hospitals. I have not had to use the Air Evac Service, but it is comforting to know - if I need it - it is available.

When you have a medical emergency, you can get help in Cadiz within minutes rather than having to drive 40 miles. That could be a life-saving difference. During my stay at the hospital, I also learned that many of the employees who cared for me are working two or some even three jobs to make ends meet. Many are attending college to further themselves for their jobs. For them and their families, losing that job at Trigg County Hospital would definitely create a serious hardship.

I hope everyone involved in the decisions about Trigg County Hospital will give serious consideration to keeping the hospital and finding a solution for the financial problems.

By Daniel Bruzewski,

Trigg County Resident

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