I voted today at my assigned polling site, the Legion Bld in Kuttawa. As I was signing in, the poll worker, a gentleman, asked me, "Are you a Democrat or Republican?" I answered, "well, I am a registered Democrat." He then handed me my ballot. The lady behind me was asked the same question and she answered, "Republican." The poll worker said, "good for you," and handed her the ballot. My husband was in line and was not asked that question. I've never been asked that before in all my years of voting and I don't understand why this man asked. I didn't appreciate this worker feeling like it was his right to voice his condoning opinion to those who apparently had the "correct" answer. I, personally, feel like a person's political affiliation is a personal matter unless you're running for office or just want to publicly announce it, which by the way, I didn't. I just read an online account of a FoxNews reporter who had the exact same experience a couple of years ago in New York City. The story says that it was investigated and was found to be in direct violation of the rules spelled out in the manuals issued to volunteer poll workers. I don't know if this a violation in the state of Kentucky, but I intend to find out. My husband and I both thought the incident was rude and inappropriate. Thank you,

Cheryl Markham,

Kuttawa, KY

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