The FCC has a program called, "Connect America Fund." The program is designed to expand access to voice and broadband services to those areas that it is unavailable, or under served.

The program currently going on is estimated on giving out roughly 2 billion dollars in funds to help expand this areas over the next 10 years. The Mapping process takes information from the census blocks. This can reveal a significant overstatement of availability of broadband. For example, if one location within the block has a form of broadband available to them? It reads the entire block has it available. Which as we know isn't accurate. These areas are NOT more detailed and need to be more accurately defined. If I use my address on the FCC broadband map online it will show that I have a wired option available from Mediacom. Problem is Mediacom is NOT available in my area. According to the map AT&T has DSL available in the area as well, and yet AT&T is grandfathering DSL and is NOT available to everyone on that map.

According to the to FCC Cadiz isn't an un-served area for broadband service. They claimed that they had revamped the map for the agency, but the targeted areas like ours aren't accurately represented. In larger Urban areas this type of map maybe more accurate, but when you get into rural areas is highly inaccurate. So, according to the federal map companies like Pennyrile Electric cannot apply for help to bring broadband into our area. I hope others join me in writing to our Federal Representatives (Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul, and James Comer) to alert them about how the Federal Mapping Process is NOT helping bring Rural Broadband to our area! If they are true to their word to bring broadband to rural areas they truly need to insist that the FCC correct the mapping process for Cadiz to reflect our LACK of broadband reality!

Helen Turgeon


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