There couldn't have been a more gorgeous morning to tee-off the 2019 Virginia Everette Golf Tournament on Wednesday at Princeton Golf Course and Country Club. Below is the entire list of scores and placements, as well as photos from a memorable 75-degree morning in Princeton.

Congratulations to Cindy Taylor and Toya Wells, who took home the team championship with a score of 66 in the Championship Flight.

These are the scenes at Virginia Everette, with photos taken by The Princeton Times Leader's Bryce Rudd.


1st Cindy Taylor & Tonya Wells 66

2nd Glenda Farmer & Carole Davis 67

3rd Stefanie Shoulders & Kayla Gachoka 68

4th Melissa Tabor & A J Tabor 69

Anita Talley & Beth Franklin 71

Vicky Hatfield & Krystal Gibson 71

Elizabeth Watson & Mary G McAtee 71


1st Bristyn Prowell & Ami Lopisto 72

2nd Julie Alles & Ann Brinkopf 73

3rd Wendy Sullenger & Fanestia Massey 73

4th Karla Martin & Emily Freeman 73

Ellen Nickell & Melissa Orr 74

Lori Holloway & Amy Ladd 74

Doris Dewitt & Bobbie Elpers 74


1st Cathy Cavins & Cheryl Berry 76

2nd Jo Brown &Phyllis Joiner 76

3rd Taylor Swaner & Natalie Blythe 77

4th Judy Newsom & Debbie Miller 77

Sue Jordan & Sue Cope 78

Loretta Earles & Carole Fenwick 78

Janice Miller & Phyllis Hardin 78

Carolyn Sims & Elaine Price 79

Andrea Forrester & Ginger Ames 79


1st Sheri Henson & Ernestine Love 80

2nd Sammie Ann Fortner & Sheila Gates 80

3rd Ruthetta Buchanon & Vicki Cotton 80

4th Patsy Brandon & Donna George 81

Janis Stokes & Pat Smiddy 83

Teressa Lanham & Kim Jones 83

Sheila Rogers & Janie Jiles 85

Tina Burton & Tiffany Massey 85

Lisa Bayer & Sherry Kukahiko 86

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