Youth Challenge Mission Rally happening Aug. 3

Photo courtesy of Kathy Wallace

Yard signs are being sold for a $10 donation each to benefit the Youth Challenge Mission Rally. They are also selling window decals for $5 each. Money from the signs and decals will go toward their goal of handing out 100 backpacks full of school supplies during their August 3 event.

The 9th Annual Youth Challenge Mission Rally is being hosted this year by Highland Baptist Church on Saturday, Aug. 3.

There are currently 16 church groups registered to participate. If any other groups that have not registered would like to attend, please contact Kathy Wallace at 270-871-8597.

The Youth Challenge Mission Rally is a day for youth to give back to the community.

There are several mission projects lined up for the groups to complete, including a free car wash at both Eddyville and Princeton Food Giants, yard work, building a wheelchair ramp, and giving out free backpacks and school supplies to both Caldwell and Lyon counties at different locations.

There are other missions still being planned, as well.

Their goal is to be able to give out 100 backpacks with school supplies in them.

To help make this goal happen, yard signs are being sold for a minimum $10 donation as well, as window decals for a $5 donation. If all of these are sold, then 100 backpacks will be prepared to hand out/deliver.

The community's help is needed for this. If you are interested in purchasing a yard sign or window decal, or would like to just make a donation towards this project, please contact Kathy Wallace at the above-referenced number prior to Aug. 3.

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