For immediate release: 6/21/19

For more information, contact: City Hall

The City of Eddyville Receives Safety Grant for a Trench Box

“We use every opportunity to make our city safer,” said Mayor Choat referring to the

($ 3,000.00) that the City of Eddyville was recently awarded by the Kentucky League of Cities Insurance Services (KLCIS).

The grant will be used for a trench box.

Mayor Choat said that, in these uncertain times, grants such as this one are a practical way to make our budget go further, as well as provide products or training that will enhance public safety.

KLCIS helps members increase public safety with a number of proactive programs and services.

Kentucky League of Cities Insurance Services has awarded in excess of $4.5 million since the Safety Grant Program started in 1999. The awarded funds will go toward Personal Protective Equipment, $300 reimbursement for attending the KLCIS Risk and Safety Conference, Ice and Snow traction devices for footwear, Safety Training and Utilities Safety Manuals.

“Our philosophy is to prevent injuries and claims from happening,” says Jon Steiner executive director/CEO. “We want to partner with our members, and this safety grant promotes good risk management. There is no better way to invest our member’s money.”

KLCIS provides safety grants to its members annually. As Kentucky’s largest municipal insurance program, KLCIS provides a full range of affordable liability, property, workers’ compensation and other products to municipalities. In addition, the Kentucky League of Cities offers employee benefits programs, financial services, training and education, policy and development, legislative advocacy, information technology and legal services.

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