Staff Report in collaboration with Lyon County Sheriff Brent White

JULY 16: A bench warrant out of Daviess District Court was served on Donte M. Washington, 27, of Owensboro, for failure to appear. Underlying charges listed on the warrant are one count each of instructional permit violations and failure of non-owner operator to maintain required insurance, and four counts of failure to appear.

JULY 16: A bench warrant out of Hardin District Court was served on Shawna Carrol, 28, of Glendale, for failure to appear and failure to pay restitution. The warrant lists one underlying charge of probation violation (for misdemeanor offense).

JULY 16: A complaint warrant out of McCracken District Court was served on Jeffrey Scott Johnson, 39, of Fredonia. The warrant lists an underlying charge of violation of a Kentucky EPO/DPO, and states Johnson allegedly sent 11 letters to the defendant, in violation of the no-contact conditions of an active protection order.

JULY 16: A bench warrant out of Bell Circuit Court was served on Michael Miracle, 40, at the Western Kentucky Correctional Complex. The warrant lists one underlying charge of possession of a controlled substance- first degree (methamphetamine- first offense).

JULY 16: Two bench warrants out of Lyon Circuit Court were served on Brad A. Byassee, 26, of Horse Branch, for bond violation. Underlying charges listed on the warrants include one count each of failure to wear seat belts, improper equipment, failure to notify address change to Department of Transportation, failure of owner to maintain required insurance, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance-first degree (methamphetamine- first offense), operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and receiving stolen property under $10,000.

JULY 17: A bench warrant out of Lyon District Court was served on Alexandria D. Downing, 19, of Eddyvile.

The warrant states it was reinstated due to surety being removed. The underlying charge listed on the warrant is one count of theft of mail matter.

JULY 17: A bench warrant out of Crittenden District Court was served on Dakota D. Hunter, 21, of Marion for failure to appear. Underlying charges listed on the warrant were one count each of driving on a DUI suspended license and improper or no windshield.

JULY 17: Two complaint warrants were served on David Jonathan Fuson, 30, of Jeffersonville, Indiana. Both warrants listed charges of fugitive from another state. One warrant cited a charge of failure to register as a sex or violent offender (level 6 felony) and habitual offender, the other warrant cited charges of possession of child pornography (level 5 felony- 50 counts) and habitual offender.

JULY 19: The Lyon County Sheriff's Office responded two theft complaints in Kuttawa, which it now believes to be linked after investigation.

The first of these thefts occurred at a residence in Kuttawa, where a 12 by 6 foot utility trailer and Yeti cooler were reported stolen.

The second victim, at a business in Kuttawa, reported a 2002 Honda Foreman with a spray rig was stolen. Security footage showed two white male suspects, but authorities have been unable to identify them.

They also believe these thefts are linked to the theft of a vehicle in Princeton, which has since been recovered.

Sheriff Brent White said they have reason to believe the suspects performed surveillance on their targets prior to the thefts, and asks citizens to be extra vigilant while these suspects remain at-large.

JULY 19: Authorities cited Deron Gene Parks, 53, of Melber, for obstructing a highway.

According to the report, Parks was contracted to move a mobile home from Paducah to Lyon County. Upon arrival at the home site on KY 6018, Parks blocked the highway for over two hours while the jackknifed truck/trailer was being positioned and repositioned, which prevented several citizens from traversing this route, which is the only ingress/egress to multiple residences.

JULY 19: After a manhunt, several warrants were served in Lyon County on fugitive James L. Dowell, 30. These included a bench warrant and two indictment warrants out of Ballard County, and an indictment warrant and complaint warrant out of Marshall County.

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