The Lyon County Fiscal Court unanimously passed a budget for Fiscal Year 2019-2020, which begins July 1, at their regular monthly meeting on Thursday.

The new budget appropriations are as follows:

• General Fund: $3,714,783

• Road Fund: $1,421,507

• Jail Fund: $460,900

• Special Fund: $512,000

• Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) Fund: $45,015

• Indigent Services: $26,100

The biggest difference between this budget and the one expiring June 30 (for FY 2018-2019) is the steep increase in the Jail Fund budget; up over $150,000 from last year.

Sitting at the hub of two interstates, Lyon County has long held a disproportionate amount of financial burden for arrests made within the county compared to surrounding areas. When anyone arrested in Lyon County needs to be jailed (most often in the Caldwell County Jail, who Lyon County pays per day for each person housed there on their behalf), the county shoulders that cost until such time as that person is convicted or released. Only upon conviction does that inmate become the financial obligation of the state.

With more and more arrests happening in Lyon County (mainly because of increased traffic on the interstates), only a small fraction of these arrests being people who actually reside in Lyon County, the jail budget has continued to skyrocket, which puts a hardship on the county.

Other business conducted at the Fiscal Court meeting included:

• Discussion of amendments to the ordinance declaring which, if any, areas of Tom Peek and Gill Pike Roads are included in the county road system. Though no action was taken at this meeting, as members of the court wanted to further look into the topic, it is expected an amendment to the current ordinance will be revisited in their July meeting.

• The court voted to pass a KOHS Resolution that will allow them to apply for grants (around $10,000 each) for Lyon County EMS and the Emergency Manager. If received, these grants would not require matching funds from the county.

• Judge Executive Wade White shared that the county's current administrative code is being revised in order to make it simpler, and easier to read and understand.

• The court passed the first reading of a Fee Pooling ordinance between the Lyon County Sheriff's Office and the Lyon County Clerk's Office.

At the end of the meeting, members of the court entered Executive Session. According to Lyon County Attorney Lee Wilson, after the adjournment of that session, the court briefly discussed unpaid transient room taxes by Palisades before passing a motion requesting Wilson send Palisades written notice to bring their returns and taxes current within 10 days of receipt of the notice.

If Palisades does not comply, Wilson will file suit against them on behalf of the county.

The Lyon County Fiscal Court meets the second Thursday of each month in the Lyon County Court Room at 1 p.m. Their next regular meeting will be July 11.

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