Call your dad

Much like getting your dad to actually tell you what he wants for Father's Day, it turns out writing a good Father's Day editorial is darn near impossible (for me, anyway).

As such, I'll just offer you this bit of unsolicited advice: If you're able, call your dad.

Call your dad and thank him for all the ways he's provided for you throughout your life.

Let him know that you've seen how deeply he cares about you and all he's sacrificed for your sake.

Tell him that, despite how often you may forget to say it, you appreciate all of the times he has had your back, even when you didn't deserve it.

Let him know you noticed all of the times he cleaned up your messes and fixed your mistakes without asking for a thing in return.

Apologize for the all of the undeserved attitude you've given him throughout your life, and all of the times you took him for granted.

Better yet, sit down with him and take the time to let him know all of the lessons you've learned from him that you carry with you.

This is all very cheesy, I know, but I'm going to let you in on a little secret: Try as they may to deny it, dads love sappy, sentimental things.

Your dad will cling to meaningful words much longer than he'll keep the fancy wrench set or silk tie you gave him.

He might forget which restaurant you took him to for Father's Day dinner, but he won't forget laughing with you at the table until your bellies hurt as you recount old memories.

The fancy bottle of bourbon you bought him is wonderful, but it will mean a lot more if it's shared with you as you pour over old, grainy photographs and listen to him share stories of his youth.

When it boils down to it, what dads really want for Father's Day is your time, your appreciation, and a little bit of confirmation that all of the hard work they've put into shaping you into a good human being has paid off.

Your time, my friends, is the greatest gift of all.

Happy Father's Day to all of the dads out there (and especially to mine).

May you all know how incredibly loved and appreciated you truly are.

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