Board of education adopts new district credo and mission

"Our Pride. Our Success."

Get used to those words, Lyon Countians, as they officially became the school district's new credo after a unanimous vote at Monday's board of education meeting, which also saw the approval of new district mission and vision statements.

Superintendent Russ Tilford said the district's leadership team has been discussing a plan to revisit and revamp these statements since earlier this year, and even sent out a survey to parents and staff to identify key words, which they used to develop these three essential elements of the district's brand.

Tilford said he expects the new credo will be integrated alongside the purple and gold lion head logo that has become prominently used and displayed in the schools and community.

The district's new Mission Statement reads: "The Lyon Pride, consisting of our school team, community, and learners will employ relationships to unlock personal potential and achieve success."

The wording of this mission statement was chosen very deliberately, Tilford explained, in an attempt to identify the components that join together to form the Lyons' pride. He said they also chose to use the word "employ" because of its implication of action, and putting their goals to work.

The newly adopted Vision Statement is: "At Lyon County Schools, our vision is to be the premier district for our students and community, providing a caring, safe, and supportive environment, where ALL learners flourish."

This vision statement is meant to define where Lyon County is headed as a district and where they intend to be in the future, and it's no mistake that the weight lies on the word "all."

"All means all," Tilford said of the vision statement.

He explained the intention is to emphasize their responsibility to reach every student and help them achieve their fullest potential.

The Lyon County Board of Education meets on the third Monday of each month at 6 p.m. in the District Conference Center.

Board members' next regular meeting, and first of the 2019-2020 school year, will be Aug. 19.

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