All things will eventually come to an end. It's a cosmic imperative far beyond the likes of me to comprehend, but invariably, it happens.

So, too, does my tenure at The Cadiz Record.

Some have heard, others not, but as of April 19 I will no longer be the general manager of The Cadiz Record. While I have enjoyed my time here and feel I've grown in a lot of ways, I've decided to make a shift in the industry. I'll be taking over at Marshall County Daily, an online news publication located in Benton.

Among the things that I find appealing about this will be the ability to work from home frequently, which will prove a great benefit to my kids -- particularly my toddler daughter, who purely doesn't understand why mommy is gone all the time.

Still, I'm left with mixed emotions. I've come to know and love a great many of you in the Trigg County Community, and it always leaves me a little hollow walking away from a place I've enjoyed and the people who make it like home.

And let's face it, I've never worked outside of newspapers in the 10-year track of my career. The Internet has a wealth of possibilities, but also it's been the source of industry decline, and my natural reaction is to be a just a little bitter. Bitterness aside, I think it's worth the risk.

And I know I'm leaving this place in good hands. Dawn Pearl and Christine Hazelmyer are among the hardest working people I've had the pleasure of meeting, and they will continue to do their best for the newspaper and its readers every day.

Becky Boggess, too, is always looking out for the good of the publication and its sections, and I know that among them, the day-to-day will be just fine.

And my successor is a familiar face. Jody Norwood, general manager to our sister paper in Eddyville - Herald Ledger -- will be stepping in to handle the management functions here at the Record. He'll be balancing both, but if anyone can do it, I think he can. Jody is an accomplished writer and editor, and actually filled in for me while I was on maternity leave almost two years ago. He's familiar with the community and will serve it and this paper well.

I've got one more paper before I'm out the door, so you'll hear from me again, but to all our readers I hope you know it's been a pleasure. I appreciate the kindness many of you have shown, and wish nothing but the best for this community.

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