Record start, ripped pants and all


So, in my first full week as general manager of the Cadiz Record, I've managed to rip my pants in the office, left out a handful of ads and one story (sorry to the good folks at Goodwin Funeral Home), gotten lost at least a half dozen times.

All in all, that's actually a pretty good start for the way things usually go.

The omitted story was scheduled to run, as were the ads, but got left out during the pagination process. Unfortunately, there's still a few bugs we're working out. I do appreciate the understanding of the community and those involved.

I also appreciate everyone who didn't laugh at the guy walking around with ripped pants on Wednesday.

It started with the best of intentions. For anyone who has been in the Record's office over the last few years, they might have seen the accumulation of barrel-sized monitors, boxes filled with clip art from the 1990s, computers so old they required punch cards and an oddly high number of digital alarm clocks. For someone with a self-diagnosed (hey, I can read WebMD, too) case of obsessive compulsive disorder, there was a lot of clutter.

So, I borrowed a truck with the intent of hauling things off. I got about half the bed loaded up with boxes and bags and monitors and alarm clocks. As I was stepping up from the ground onto the tailgate, arms loaded with something old and heavy, I heard a tearing sound.

Sure enough. It was my pants.

And it wasn't even in a conveniently located inconspicuous spot. It couldn't have been the knee or a belt loop. Or even the seat, which would have allowed me the ability to at least face people and talk to them, which probably would have been just me answering repeated questions about why I was walking backward a lot.

No, it had to be up front.

I tried packing tape, which made an odd noise every time I walked. The sound wasn't as embarrassing as the sight, but it was more annoying.

I keep a fair amount of gear in my camera bag -- lenses, camera, tape recorder, note books, a candy bar in case I'm stranded somewhere that doesn't have a drive thru -- but no sewing needles.

Fun fact about the Record's new general manager, he's actually fairly proficient with a needle and thread.

With a sew so no-no and the tape not sticking around, I just spent most of the day strategically standing in front of monitors, plants, chairs and anything else waist-level.

All things considered, it was a record first week.

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