Reader has questions about proposed practice facility

There are many questions that need to be answered before they build this building.

â ¢ Why are they building it at the Complex?

â ¢ What size is the building going to be and how much is it going to cost?

â ¢ Why is the city, county and Tourism using our tax money to fund this?

â ¢ Why did the city hire Jeff Hunter when Dickie Harris could to the job?

â ¢ When does a practice building become classified as a tourist building?

â ¢ Why can't they find land inside city limits to build this?

Dickie Harris can draw up schedules for the ballgames, and save money -- using one salary instead of two.

The city, county and tourism should not use our tax money to fund this project. I would like to start a petition that says "are you against building this at the complex and the city and county funding this project?"

Garry W. Curtis


Reader warns against cutting off prescriptions abruptly

To the Editor:

I want to warn folks of the possible deadly consequences of stopping medications all of a sudden without tapering. I had been taking a prescribed daily anti-depressant because of an extremely stressful time in my family life this past year. About three weeks ago I was sick in bed with the flu for several days and did not take my medication during that time. On Sunday evening I got up, went into my medicine box and gulped down an entire bottle of Tylenol Arthritis, as well as about 10 pain killers that were left over from a previous injury. I washed them down with alcohol and went back to bed. I told myself that I was out of here.

My husband called EMS when he couldn't rouse me and I was taken to Trigg County Hospital ER, where I was extremely uncooperative and combative. I was out of my head and have been told I had said that I wanted to die.

From Trigg I was sent to Nashville and was in Vanderbilt ICU for three days and then sent to Franklin, Tenn., to a rehab hospital where I spent another five days. I am back home now with no apparent aftereffects. This incident has shaken me to my core, and it is bewildering to me because I have a wonderful life with good friends and a loving husband.

Our sheriff's office has a receptacle to safely dispose of unused medications and it is a good idea to do just that. I am very sorry for the pain and inconvenience I have caused, especially to the staff of Trigg County Hospital who treated me so kindly when I was so obstinate. They are heroes.

Toni Martinazzi


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