Given the holiday crunch and packing up the Norwood-mobile for a family outing, this week's column is diluted down to a few rambling rants and raves.

• Kudos to the City of Kuttawa in forming its tourism commission last week.

This newspaper -- and this page in particular -- has been critical of the city's actions since opting out of the joint tourism commission.

Last week the city seated a tourism commission according to statute, held public votes and kept everything as transparent as possible. That's all the public can ask for.

• According to the The Courier-Journal this weekend, "more than 200 people crowd under a tarp in the parking lot of Big Mama's Restaurant, bidding on marijuana posters, bicycles and air rifles to raise money to support a jailed local legend.... because Cornbread Mafia leader Johnny Boone, captured in Canada and returned to Kentucky after eight years on the lam, faces life in prison if convicted on his third strike, for growing 2,421 marijuana seedlings on a farm.

In 29 states and the District of Columbia, marijuana is legal for recreational or medicinal purposes, or both."

The story -- when taken into context with a few others -- notes how weird the country's hodge podge laws work.

The other stories that come to mind is the sentencing of an Amish man in Kentucky last week to six years in prison for selling healing salves and the release of juveniles in Tennessee for setting fires near Gatlinburg that led to multiple deaths and destruction.

While Congress has spent the last several years making good on its promise to do nothing, the lack of common sense or semblance continues to grow.

Now, apparently it's rampant in the Commonwealth where our legal system and leadership is becoming as bad as that to the south in the Volunteer state.

• My daughter started working at a community kitchen a few weeks ago. It's something she asked to do and our church was gracious enough to let her and another pre-teen tag along to help pour drinks and clean tables.

While that makes me an awfully proud dad, my favorite part came two weeks after her first day when I learned that someone had given her a $5 tip and Marley put it in the donation box on her way out.

• There may not be a better way to eat than with a smoker.

Between July 4 celebrating with the family over a smoked pork shoulder and smoked chicken and corn on Sunday, it leaves the taste buds longing for something on Monday when you have to go back to drive thru food.

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