Two weeks ago, I got the bright idea to join this year's Pennyrile District Health Department/WKDZ community weight loss challenge. I enlisted my fellow Cadiz Record cohorts in attempting this with me, either for increased accountability among peers or because misery loves company. I'm not particularly sure which at this point.

I've been hangry pretty much ever since.

Hangry, for those who might be unfamiliar with the term, implies a level of hunger that brings with it a certain amount of grouchiness. Hungry plus angry equals -- you guessed it -- hangry.

Fortunately for my coworkers, I usually keep the more unpleasant aspects of hangry directed at my lunch. The Starkist tuna (Charlie, I believe, is his name) is a frequent recipient of my rage.

I mean, really? You pack a lunch-to-go with a 10-calorie mint? Give me an extra cracker, for goodness' sake. I'll take the additional 25 calories from that one cracker in place of a mint that tastes like cough syrup. Thanks for the lousy aftertaste, Charlie.

Stupid fish.

Don't think I've missed the fact that this challenge falls during Valentine's Day, and all of the most delicious chocolate that comes with it. I get it, really. We need to learn to improve our overall well-being, which means learning to employ some self-discipline. I can have a little treat, so long as I don't go overboard. However, that doesn't mean I'll be any less bitter about it.

I realize this is my own fault. I didn't have to sign up for the challenge, but more importantly I didn't have to let myself get out of shape in the first place. I could have kept with my exercise and diet regimen, but I chose to make excuses about why I couldn't make it to the gym that morning â ¦ or the next â ¦ and maybe the morning after that.

But no more, folks. If I'm going to be this hangry, I might as well to have something to show for it. The workout routine starts again in earnest this week. I've actually gotten off to a decent enough start; I'm six pounds lighter than I was on the Jan. 23 weigh-in. I'm going to drop 15 more if it means I have to start getting rid of body parts.

â ¦ OK, maybe that's a bit much, but I am serious about getting with the program. I've truthfully not been all that good thus far. Through the week, I'm golden. The weekend has been another story.

In my defense, my birthday was last week. Everybody should get to celebrate some on their birthday. â ¦ Which is another excuse, I know. That's OK. I'm getting it out of my system now, early on in the challenge. When March 30 rolls around and it's time to weigh in again, I will hopefully have managed to meet my goal.

And who knows? Maybe Charlie and I will again be on speaking terms.

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