Social Studies

Social Studies classes just finished learning about ancient India. They learned how the Gupta Empire created the decimal system, calculated the size of the earth and came up with a 365-day year. The students learned about two world religions that began in ancient India, Hinduism and Buddhism. Students began learning about ancient China and their contributions to modern society. Students have learned about ancient Chinese inventions, and they will research to determine how those ancient inventions influences our modern inventions.

The students will be making kites that will be displayed during our Spring Exhibition Night on April 12. Students will learn why the Chinese invented the kites, and it wasn't for entertainment or a hobby. Students will be participating in a Reality Store experience in March. The Reality Store provides the students with an opportunity to experience adult responsibilities, such as working, paying bills and taking care of a family. The attached pictures are from our Fall Exhibition Night. The students are presenting their ELA and Social Studies Projects.


Students in science have been learning about the forces of attraction: gravity, magnetism and electric forces.

They have gathered evidence from computer simulations showing how gravity works on objects of different masses and distances. Also, students have investigated the behavior of magnets and their magnetic fields. Their culminating project is building an electromagnet and testing its strength.

Pictured are a few students building their electromagnet from copper wire, a battery and a nail.


Students in English and reading classes have started their leadership unit. Students have read informational articles about leadership qualities to learn about what makes a great leader. They have also been assigned a famous person from throughout history up to present day to research. Students will soon decide if their assigned person should be considered a great leader or not and write an argumentative essay. Students will work collaboratively to create a flier that explains what qualities we need to look for in our leaders and ourselves. Be sure to come see the project during the middle school's spring exhibition night to talk to our kids about the people they researched. Keep your eyes open around town in the coming weeks to see if you can find any of the flyers our seventh-graders will have made.


In seventh-grade math, students have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We have been calculating the surface area and volume of them. Over the last two weeks, we have been concentrating on triangles and learning how to classify them and the necessary criteria for them. Over the next few weeks, students will working on combining their understanding of geometry with algebra.

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