School board OKs security vestibule designs

Photo by Sarah Elliott

Andrew Owens discusses the new schematic design for the elementary school with the Trigg County School Board.

The Trigg County school board approved designs for security vestibules in the middle and high school at its first meeting of the month Feb 14.

The addition of these vestibules in the schools come from suggestions by the School Safety Task Force, which was created last year. This was its top request to ensure the safety of students.

The plans add a second set of secure doors in the high school lobby that will force visitors to enter the front office to sign in before being allowed to enter the school. The middle school will move the main entrance of the building to the north entrance, facing Lafayette Street. A security vestibule will be added along with a new office suite and family resource office.

Board member Theresa Allen served on the safety task force.

"We had in-depth meetings about this and heard comments from parents, community members, teachers and administrators. This was important to them," she said of the vestibules.

The board unanimously approved the design. The project will now go out for bids. Once a bid is awarded, the work will begin. Construction of both vestibules should take about 180 days.

The board also reviewed the revised schematic design for the renovation of the elementary school. The previous approved design was sent back from the engineers and the Kentucky Department of Education because it did not meet requirements.

The new design is expected to meet the guidelines set by the department and be within budget.

"We have been fighting several challenges, and I think, despite the setbacks, most of the feedback from teachers and staff yesterday was positive. We have limited places that we can go and not impact the district's future abilities to add or change around the school. So we kept that in mind as we made these changes," Andrews Owens, project manager, said to the board about the changes.

The board approved the new design unanimously. The design will now go back to the Kentucky Department of Education for approval.

In other news:

The board voted to use March 7 as a make up day.

James Mangles, director of student services, reported that the first "Snowmazing" day was a success. Beth Sumner, assistant superintendent, reminded the board the district is still looking for volunteers for Operation Preparation in the middle and high schools. Anyone who would like to volunteer should contact the board office.

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