I-24 travelers praise residents for helping after wreck on ice

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The Sniders' car is totaled after rolling four times on Interstate 24. The family of seven walked away with minor cuts and bruises.

"If there are angels on Earth, they are walking in Cadiz, Kentucky," said Bonnie Snider as she described her experience of an unexpected visit to Cadiz on Feb. 16.

Snider and her family of seven were traveling from Florida to Kansas for a funeral when they hit black ice on Interstate 24 and flipped their SUV four times. The family was taken to Trigg County Hospital, where their misfortune was turned around with the help of nurses, their families, and local churches.

Brandi Wiegands is a nurse at Trigg County Hospital and when she saw this family and heard their story, she just knew she needed to help.

"Working in the medical field for 22 years, I felt a connection to them as soon as I saw all seven of them sitting in the lobby," Wiegands said. "Some had shoes, some didn't. The mother was so emotional on what to do since their car was totaled and they still had 400 miles to go."

Wiegands and another nurse, Mae Bacon, jumped into action and called their mother and sister to come and help the family. Wiegands' mother, Sue Klolinski, and Bacon's sister, Amanda Milstead, took the family to get their belongings from the car, set them up in a hotel room, and brought them lunch.

Milstead talked to several local churches who helped pay for the hotel, car, gas, and food for the family to make it to Kansas in time for the funeral.

"This wasn't a problem. I asked (the churches) and we knew it was something that needed to be done," Milstead said about why she helped. "I wanted to make sure they got to where they needed to be."

Being raised in Trigg County, Milstead said her mother had always told her to treat others the way you want to be treated.

"Having just retired from the Army, with the things that I went through, I knew I had no choice but to help them out," she continued. "They had nothing and I love to give and help others."

Klolinski explained that Snider is a veteran.

"She sacrificed so much for us, I knew I had to help," Klolinski said. "We made life long friends through this."

She also praised the Trigg County EMS team: "They really stepped up and took care of this family. They were busy and it wasn't life threatening, but they did everything they could to help."

Snider and her family made it to Kansas in time for the funeral with the help of the many generous people they found in Cadiz.

"If there is a piece of Heaven on Earth, it is firmly planted in Cadiz, Kentucky," Snider said. "My family and I had no intention of stopping there, but we are so glad to have landed there. We will be visiting again."

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