RICHMOND -- The Marshall County Special Olympics Team claimed 11 medals at the Summer Olympics last weekend on the campus of Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond.

The team took 17 athletes and three unified partners to compete in seven events in track and field, swimming, soccer, and bocce ball.

This was the first year that Marshall County had a bocce ball team to participate, and they had an impressive showing. Marshall County took the gold medal, as well as fourth, fifth, and sixth places. The team also entered their first female in the pentathlon who placed first.

Carol Myers and Mason Tatum took the gold medal in bocce ball with Myra and Heath Mann placing fourth, Darrell and Amber Smith in fifth, and Trevin West and Debra DeSautels in sixth.

Hailey Dunn won the gold medal in the pentathlon, and Jacob Dunn finished fourth.

Fourth place went to Chase Henderson in shot put, and sixth went to Karl Perry.

Marshall County represented well in the softball throw. Jamon Butler and Jennifer Irvan took silver medals. Dylan Emerson and Christ Capone each earned bronze. Jacob Hart and Tyler Bradley both finished in fourth place, and Xander Wolff took fifth.

Tyler Bradley also earned the bronze medal in the 25 meter assisted walk.

The gold medal in the 50 meter dash went to Marshall County Tyler West with Christ Capone taking fifth, Dylan Emerson taking sixth, and Jacob Hart and Jennifer Irvan both finishing at seventh.

Tyler West also took gold in the 100 meter dash with the silver going to Xander Wolff and Jamon Butler. Chase Henderson placed fifth.

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