Three weeks from today, voters will go to the polls to make important choices in several key races across Marshall County. I’ve been surprised to learn within the past couple of weeks that once you step outside the news bubble, there is a large group of people who are registered voters who don’t know whom is running for what or more importantly why they are running.

  If you count yourself among that group, there are a number of opportunities to get to know the person behind the name on the ballot.  

  The Tribune-Courier, in conjunction with Marshall County Daily, will host a Candidate Forum on Tuesday, Oct. 23 at Marcella’s Kitchen in Draffenville.  A chili supper will precede the forum at 6 p.m. then candidates for Judge Executive, County Commissioner, Sheriff, and County Attorney will meet to answer questions submitted by county residents.

  If you have questions for these candidates, please submit them to The Tribune-Courier or Marshall County Daily. You may email questions to the Trib at Remember, questions will be asked of each candidate within races.

  The event is serving a dual purpose as candidates who attend are being asked to donate to Marcella’s capital fundraising campaign to complete their new facility on McClain Drive in Benton. All proceeds from the chili supper will also go toward that fund.

  Another opportunity to meet the candidates will happen Wednesday morning as the Kentucky Lake Chamber of Commerce will host a forum featuring candidates for County Commissioner, State Representative and State Senator. It is the second such forum featuring a glimpse at those on the ballot. The breakfast will begin at 7:30, with the forum immediately following at Ponderosa in Draffenville.

  The political signage that has dotted our landscape for several months has faded into the background for many. The newspaper and radio ads have served to give candidates name recognition, but beyond that many people are likely to struggle to tell you what a candidate’s party affiliation or platform is.

  Your vote is a deeply personal thing and one we believe deserves research and information to be meaningful to your concerns and values. You owe it to yourself to take advantage of these opportunities to become educated on the issues to make an informed vote on Nov. 6.

  A local candidate for office recently told me he was dismayed at how many people did not know what the office for which he is running is responsible for. He said he’s done a lot of educating on his campaign trail, spending a great deal of time answering questions and correcting misconceptions. He’s hopeful the time he’s spent will result in a vote on election day and a more informed community. 

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