The dining area at The Stilley House in Benton, where Barney Thweatt now resides, was at standing room only capacity, with Thweatt's accolades and trophies on display as well as the proclamation presented by State Rep. Chris Freeland which officially denotes June 27 as Barney Thweatt Day in Kentucky.

Freeland said, "I'm so honored to be able to present Barney with the Citation of Achievement naming June 27th as Barney Thweatt Day in Kentucky. You won't find a better or more humble person who has accomplished so much. Barney is the first person to brag on someone and I'm proud to call him my friend."

The citation reads in part: "Inasmuch as Barney Thweatt has achieved tremendous success in all his many endeavors over the course of his lifetime and continues to utilize his time, talent and resources to serve in the interest of his family, community and fellow man, the members of this august body are delighted to join Rep. chris Freeland in offering sincere commendation and gratitude to this esteemed honoree for his efforts and in extending him best wishes for the utmost success and good fortune as he continues to labor so diligently in the interest of the common good."

Thweatt said, "I had no idea any of this was going on. There are lots of friends here from over the years. I'm looking around the room and I have a relationship with every person in this room and it's a very pleasant feeling."

Thweatt was the point guard and team captain of the 1948 Brewers State Champtionship team, the last undefeated boys state championship team in Kentucky. He went on to a successful career in coaching, including leading both Oldham County and Paducah Tilgman to the state tournament. He also spent many years as a school administrator, serving as principal at North Marshall High School, Mayfield High School and Christian County High School. He's also a past president of the KHSAA Board of Control.

Thweatt is enshrined in the KHSAA Hall of Fame, the Marshall County Hall of Fame, the Christian County Hall of Fame and the Oldham County Hall of Fame, as well as many others.

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