A French teacher at Marshall County High School is scheduled to open her French-themed restaurant in Benton on Saturday.

Cafe Celebre, meaning "the celebrated cafe," will offer breakfast, lunch, pastries all day long and dinner to-go. The cafe will be open from 6:30 a.m. until 8 p.m. and is located in the building at the corner of 5th and Main streets, across from Parkway Chrysler (formerly Subway).

"We wanted to do something with a little French flair because my students know me best for that," said Jenny Darnall, owner. "I love to cook and I love to feed people, it's one of the ways I express my love."

Darnall said cooking is a tradition for the women in her family who inspired a few of the menu items as well as some of the services she will offer, such as dinner pick-up. She recalled one of the last memories she had of her aunt, who used to call and say she had dinner on and invite Jenny and her family to come eat. It was nice, she said, because she keeps a busy schedule with her multiple jobs and her husband, County Attorney Jason Darnall, also keeps a busy schedule, and not having to worry with dinner was a relief.

"My mother will still call or text and say, 'Stop by, I've got dinner on the stove,'" she said. "I'm hoping I can be that for moms and dads who are busy and offer them a nice dinner for their family."

Darnall said those families will be able to place an order by phone or online for a casserole, which will change daily, a side and a bread to pick up and take home in the evening. Even better, she said, her employees will bring the meal out to you. The cafe will also offer a pick-up service during the lunch hours as well, when patrons may order their meal ahead and the employee will bring it out to their vehicle.

The cafe will offer hot croissants, scones and sandwiches for breakfast; crepes (sweet and savory), a choice of two casseroles for plate lunches, sandwiches and salads at lunch. The offerings will also include fruit and crepes, which are available all day long.

While Darnall will be around and actively involved with the restaurant, she's still a full time teacher at Marshall County High School so her sister Amy Green, who was searching for a new career path, has been tapped as manager. They've hired a staff consisting of people they know from church and people they know and trust who were searching for a job opportunity.

Darnall said the website is under construction as well as a Facebook page, which will link to the website where customers may place orders -- but should be up and running prior to opening day. The restaurant may be reached by calling 270-387-0020 and is located at 108 E. 5th Street in Benton.

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