Both Daniel Alexander and his fiancé, Tonya Wilson, have been charged by Kentucky State Police for harboring a vicious animal, a Class B misdemeanor. The same dogs named in the report are the same three currently detained by Marshall County Animal Care and Control as responsible for the death of 46-year-old Brian Butler on June 29, who was found dead in a ditch near their home.

Both pleaded not guilty last week in Marshall District Court and are scheduled to return for a pretrial conference on Sept. 4 at 9 a.m.

Police documents state during the investigation into Butler’s death and the dogs believed to be responsible, KSP detectives interviewed a number of people in the community who had interacted with the dogs and reported the dogs as “aggressive and mean,” and allowed to roam free by their owners.

The report also revealed that in addition to a substance believed to be blood on the bodies of the dogs, detectives also located what they believed to be blood on one of their mouths.

One individual allegedly told detectives he and his sister were walking on Crick Lane near the couple’s home when the three dogs surrounded them and bit his leg. He told the detectives the other two dogs maintained aggressive attitudes during the encounter as well, and that he sustained a puncture wound to his leg as a result of the attack.

Another individual told police the same three dogs attacked him while he was walking on Gilbertsville Highway near the couple’s home. He said one of them bit his arm during the attack, from which he sustained an injury, and one of the other dogs “bit a knife out of his hand during this attack.”

The report reads in part: “Based upon this investigation, [police] have determined the defendant owns three pit bulls that are vicious and have been a part of three attacks on humans in a matter of three weeks’ time. [We] have also determined the defendant has allowed these dogs to roam free throughout the community.”

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