New funeral home offers non-traditional services

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Among the many options for customization of funeral services is the opportunity for escort in the Harley-Davidson hearse (pictured above) or the horse-drawn carriage hearse.

A newcomer to the Marshall County funeral home industry aims to offer respectful services with a touch of flair for the families who want more options to customize their sendoff.

Shane Hessey, owner of the Marshall County Funeral Home and Cremation Services on Benton's court square, formerly First Missionary Baptist Church, said his mission is to provide the most affordable funeral and cremation prices while offering the most options, both in transportation and in services.

Renovations have begun but are not complete, Hessey said, as he plans to continuously improve the building a little at a time. Because the funeral home was previously a church, he was able to design one incredibly large chapel which seats approximately 300 and a smaller chapel which seats approximately 100. Both chapels are accompanied by a private lounge for the family of the deceased and the smaller chapel, the Castleberry Chapel, was named for Brother N.S. Castelberry, who was the pastor when the original church was built in 1935, he said.

Hessey is also working to collect photos and memorabilia for the Veterans Hall which is currently under construction and will highlight the veterans of Marshall County. He said families may submit photos or even bring in a photo to be copied at the funeral home's expense so their veteran may be featured in the hall. He said unless the person submitting memorabilia wishes to donate their items to the funeral home, the item(s) will be considered "on loan" to the funeral home. He said he wanted to honor the veterans and create a space in which Marshall countians can see and learn about the history of its veterans.

Hessey is the sole owner of the funeral home and said he wanted the community to be quite clear he has no association with any former funeral directors or former funeral home owners in Marshall County. He said any word otherwise is a rumor and untrue.

Hessey is also the owner of two other Kentucky funeral homes: Todd County Funeral Home and Cremation Service in Elkton and Cook-Webb Funeral Home and Cremation Service in Guthrie.

More information about the funeral home and services offered is available by calling 270-527-6600, or visiting or the 'Marshall County Funeral Home & Cremation Service' Facebook page.

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