I poured 6.3 inches from my rain gauge last week. I admit that we were getting dry. Needless to say it will be several days before we will see the dust again after that torrential downfall of rain.

I shared with you a few weeks ago that I was planting a different variety of green beans in one particular garden. For the last couple of years, I have planted Jade but have yet to produce any beans. This year, I planted Blue Lake and Roma green beans in that garden. I planted three rows of Blue Lake and one row of Roma. The Blue Lake did not come up at all but I do have a decent row of Romas. Last week, I tilled the spot again and planted Jade and the Strike Green Bean. We will see how these sprout.

One thing that could have been the problem is that it rained after I planted them. Sometimes, when you plant seed in the soil and it rains afterward it can cause problems. It can create a hard crust on top of the soil, which prevents the bean from sprouting. Also, I was using seed that I have placed in the refrigerator from previous years. Although my father planted some green bean seed a couple of years ago that had been in the freezer for 9 years and it germinated and sprouted very well.

If you have never tried the Roma green bean, I recommend it. They are a flat bush bean with no strings. They have a great taste and they produce fairly well. Also they seem to germinate and sprout very well. It is Maryanna's favorite and the rest of my family enjoys it as well. Since the Derby seed is getting harder and harder to find, we have been growing Roma green beans.

Once again, I was asked this week about the timeframe for planting a garden. Our spring season has changed so much that we cannot go by the gardening rules of yesteryear. I remember growing up that if you did not have your garden planted by May 10, you were way behind. Today, some would say you are way early according to the weather of our spring season now. You can start planting a garden right now and have plenty of time. In years past, you planted early to avoid the hot, dry conditions. Today, that is not the case with the torrential downpours that seem to have become a weather pattern.

I have already been enjoying cucumbers, yellow squash and fresh red potatoes from the garden. Also, I cut two heads of cabbage this week. I really enjoy eating the vegetables that I produce because I know how they have been taken of and what has been sprayed on them. Most of my vegetables never have any insecticidal spray on them, leaving me feeling safer about what I'm eating and feeding my family. Also there is a great benefit spending time in the garden and watching things grow. It is not easy work but it is very rewarding even if you are battling the elements. I encourage everyone to see what you can produce from your home. Happy Gardening.

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