If you've ever found yourself wishing more restaurants had a drive-through option, get excited about a new business that launched in Marshall County yesterday which offers something even better: delivery. With a few clicks online or a simple phone call, Marshall County's residents are now able to order meals and/or groceries and have it delivered right to their doorstep thanks to MarshallEats.

Betty Myrick and her husband, Paul, created a user-friendly system: visit the website www.marshalleats.com, enter the zip code of the delivery area and choose from a number of options including local restaurants and grocery stores. Another option for those who don't have access to internet, aren't computer savvy, want to pay with cash or just prefer to speak directly to a person may call 270-873-2490.

The hours for delivery in Marshall County will be Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m. Myrick said those hours could change later as the needs are gauged.

Participating Marshall County businesses include: Los Portales, Ponderosa, Bad Bob's BBQ, Cafe Celebre and Walmart.

"We were interested in starting a family-run business and then we went to a town that offered a delivery service and thought, 'We could do this,'" Myrick said. "It's a big thing in larger towns so we thought why not bring it to local communities where we live. We're offering the big city convenience with the small town charm and we're going to take care of our businesses who partner with us."

Myrick said they launched MurrayEats in Feb. and it's been beneficial for more than just the business community stuck behind a desk at lunchtime.

"We're serving young families with small children who are at home doing homework and exhausted from a full day of work and sports; we're helping the moms who are stuck at home with a sick baby but need groceries and a meal they don't have to prepare," she said. "We're also serving the elderly who have trouble getting around or finding someone to help with grocery shopping."

Myrick said it's also not uncommon for families to order groceries and a take-out meal to be delivered all at the same time.

Once the order is placed, if utilizing the website, the customer can track the progress of the order right up to the minute the driver pulls into the driveway, Myrick said. Deliveries are usually made within 20-40 minutes.

Unlike the larger delivery services in bigger cities, Myrick said, MarshallEats and MurrayEats are family-owned and family-run operations. The Myricks' four children each have a role in the business. Now that they're expanding, she said they will have to hire some drivers from outside the family circle.

To place an order, apply for a delivery position or just learn more about the business, visit www.marshalleats.com or call 270-873-2490.

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