During a recent Marshall County Refuse/109 Board, attorney Denny Null said the board and WastePath had reached agreements and were waiting on the Marshall County Fiscal Court to put in writing the changes they'd like to see in the pending host agreement.

Null said since the April meeting, he and the attorneys representing WastePath had created an agreement that was suitable to both parties and had also received approval from Bryan Miles, Grant County Solid Waste Management Director who's acting as the board's adviser.

The holdup now, he said, is due to changes Marshall County Judge-Executive Kevin Neal has apparently requested but hadn't put in writing. He said Marshall County Attorney Jason Darnall indicated Neal took issue with the portion of the agreement regarding waiver of the license fee.

Null said the ideal situation would be getting all three parties at the table at the same time so they could get the matter resolved. He said the board and WastePath had hoped to have the host agreement ready for last week's meeting but it's his understanding Neal was going to address his issues with the Fiscal Court during today's meeting.

"I'm keeping my fingers crossed it'll be minor or something we can quickly resolve," he said. "If there's not a waiver of a license fee, that will affect the process. I don't have any communication telling me exactly what they're thinking other than they have an issue."

Dan Sills of WastePath said he had reached out to Neal, calling his office and cell phone, but had not yet heard back. He was planning to visit Neal's office that day, which he later reported was successful. He also told the board WastePath recently hired a new landfill manager with 33 years of experience with large landfills who was tasked with making the mandated improvements.

In other business, Marshall County Treasurer Emily Martin Wiles, whom the board paid to conduct its payroll and bookkeeping, told the board the Fiscal Court was not going to renew its agreement for such practices when it expired June 30. She said there are backup files at her office that need to be moved and a number of important documents such as titles to its vehicles, W2s and bank statements that needed to be transferred to whomever members selected next. She recommended either hiring a bookkeeper or transferring to a CPA firm, noting they would not get the same level of service to which they were accustomed from a CPA firm.

The board members asked why they didn't receive more notice, or any notice from the Fiscal Court regarding the matter, saying the contract agreement requires 60 days notice. Wiles said she was told they had been notified and noted the agreement itself expires on June 30. The board members contended they should have been given more notice. She told them county officials have scheduled interviews on June 7 for her position. Her retirement is effective June 1.

Later in the meeting and following an executive session, the board voted to hire Brenda Edwards as its bookkeeper effective June 1 with a start date of June 3 at $25 per hour, with benefits. Edwards has worked in the Marshall County Treasurer's Office since 2012, currently serves as assistant treasurer and was slated to serve as interim treasurer when Wiles retires.

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