Vicious dogs, overnight camping in parks and an airport restoration update claimed Calvert City Council's attention at its July 8 meeting. Concerns about unrestrained and roaming dogs intensified in late June after three animals allegedly killed a man in Gilbertsville.

"I'd like to speak to you about the dogs on 15th Avenue West off of (Ky.) 95," said Jill Williams, a former councilwoman. "We've been dealing with this for a couple of years. The dogs live a couple of doors down. ... They have attacked my children twice; they tore my grandson's ... pants -- a big hole in his jeans while he was riding a bike. Thank heavens he had those jeans on. And not very long ago, while they were waiting for the school bus -- like 6:45 in the morning -- the dogs ran up there like they were just going to attack somebody, and they got my granddaughter and tore her jeans."

Mayor Lynn Jones asked what breed the dogs are. "Nothing," Williams replied. An audience member indicated the animals are of mixed breed. "I've been run out by them too," he said.

"When the dogs attacked the children did (you) call the police department?" Jones queried. Williams said she talked with someone at the police department. "They told me that any time (the dogs) come in my yard, I can do what's necessary to protect the kids or myself," she said. "They've come after me when I've gone to the mailbox or to get the paper. My neighbor ... has to drive his car to get his mail because he's afraid they'll knock him down -- he's elderly, I'm elderly. ... He doesn't walk well and if they ever got him down, you wouldn't be able to get them off."

Jones told Williams the city would inform animal control authorities "that we have vicious dogs and we want them removed." Jones added that "one of the most frustrating things in the world is people who have pets and don't take care of them."

On the camping issue, the council adopted on second reading an ordinance that bans overnight camping on city property without explicit permission. "No person shall erect a tent or other temporary structure, establish a campsite or otherwise utilize any city park, property or facility for the purpose of camping, lodging, sleeping or other overnight activity without expressed permission of the city administrator," City Administrator John Ward read from the ordinance. The document deems any violations as third-degree criminal trespassing, which carries a fine of not more than $250.

Regarding the ongoing restoration of Kentucky Dam Airport to a full-service facility, aviation consultant Brandon Tanner reported the bids for installation of a fuel system have been awarded. "We spoke with the contractor and they are planning on getting a schedule this week so we will start the fabrication process on the tank," Tanner said. "... That's a two-to three-month ... window for the tanks." The state is amending its grant to cover the cost of both the aviation fuel and jet fuel tanks, and the contractor plans to begin site preparation now, Tanner reported.

In other business the council:

• Adopted on second reading of an ordinance repealing certain language and amending the city's nuisance abatement ordinance regarding overgrown and debris littered property.

• Heard a report from Fire Chief Tim Davis that he received complaints regarding the AmeriBration fireworks show starting late. The pyrotechnics were scheduled for 9 p.m. but didn't begin until about nine minutes later. "The reason for that was we had a missing child," Davis said. "If we have a missing child, they (the display technician) can't fire fireworks, which I understand. Is there any way that we can post that to let the people know why the delay?" he asked. It was noted an explanation can be posted on the city's Facebook page.

• Approved annexation of 1.42 acres belonging to Garrett Travis on the southeast side of Lone Valley Road. The site is adjacent to the city limits.

• Heard a report from Marketing Director Blair Travis on a meeting with Grand Rivers leaders regarding connecting the two cities' multi-use trails.

• Learned that Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park lost 72 trees on the golf course over two days of storms in late June from park Manager Scot Ratzlaff. The marina also received damage and experienced power outages. No one was injured. Ratzlaff also reported that golf professional, Susanne Bannan, has joined the park staff.

• Approved the appointment of Jeff Allen to the Parks Board.

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