A line forms for artisan pizzas served out of a food truck in Benton recently. Big Guys also serves fish tacos.

  If chili dog, barbecue chicken or chicken caesar-themed pizzas or fish tacos sound good to you, you need to run (not walk)  to Big Guys Pizza Grill.

  The husband and wife duo of Stephen and Mary Sears started the business last fall and have been making their way to area festivals and events this year to rave reviews.  

  Stephen said the idea was born out of a lifelong desire to do something in the food business.  “Our kids are grown and gone now and we decided it was now or never.  Mary told me to ‘stop talking and start doing something about my dream.’ and so we did. Whatever happens with this we are already a success because we tried it.”

  “Food is something that always brought us together as a family.  The food truck idea sort of evolved out of a desire to do something like this and our memories of family and food.” he said.

  The idea for grilled pizzas and fish tacos came from their experimentations at home on their back deck. Stephen said they can and will fix all the standard favorites like pepperoni and sausage but they like trying new ideas.

  The fish tacos are “all about the sauce” according to daughter Elizabeth.  Tilapia is breaded in panko crumbs, deep fried, topped with corn salsa containing corn, jalapeños, red onion, red peppers and lime juice and zest.  Then they are topped with the Sears’ lemon-dill sauce recipe, which is a concoction of lemons, capers, Miracle Whip, and dill.  The tacos are served in a warm flour tortilla and make for easy-to-eat festival food.

  Sears said the name Big Guy’s came not from him, but from his habit of addressing people as “Big Guy.”  I always say, “Hey big guy, how are you or Hey big guy, how’s it going?”  We just kept coming back to that name when we were looking for what to call the truck.

  The truck is a converted potato chip truck completely equipped with a mobile kitchen and converted by a business in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky who specializes in food trucks.

  Sears said the truck is available for special events such as private parties, family and high school reunions and weddings.  They can also cater their menu to the specific needs of the group.

  You can find Big Guy’s Pizza at the Benton Cruise in on the last Saturday of each month through Sept., at BBQ on the River in Paducah in Sept., on the court square on Aug. 21 during eclipse activities and at Kennedy’s Fan Shop on Aug. 17.

  For more information on how to book the food truck for your event call Sears at 270-703-7807.

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