The Lake Barkley Partnership could get a new breath of life by including other area industries and county government.

Lyon County Judge-Executive Wade White said board members began discussing expanding the initiative and bringing in a full-time director. Randy Major served as a part-time director until retiring last September.

"After he left we started talking that maybe we should expand this," White said. "Since then, Crittenden County has been meeting with us.... Hopefully over the next two months we might be able to finalize this."

White said he hopes it will bring new life to the partnership.

"I think it's a positive," White said. "I'm hoping that once we get this set up, some other entities will come on board .... It's almost mandatory these days that we join together, local counties. There's no way we can do this by ourselves, we've got to act regionally."

The county pays $10,000 as its contribution, ensuring a seat at the table to discuss economic plans that might affect Lyon County. The City of Kuttawa is also involved, but Eddyville pulled out years ago. White said entities like the Eddyville Riverport would be able to join the partnership to have a voice in economic development plans.

"There's an opportunity for private businesses, too, such as banks or large construction companies," White said. "They can have a seat in the board and help make this successful."

If hired, the new director will be the parternship's third. Jim Moore was initially hired full-time to spearhead development, and was replaced by Major after nearly two years. Major spent almost seven with the partnership.

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