The Cadiz Baptist Church is one of the first historical buildings that can be seen when entering downtown Cadiz. The original church was constructed in 1842 in the same place that the church stands now. In 1903 a new building was constructed and still stands today. Many members of the church and the community refer to this as the "old church."

Today, the old church is showing its age. Full time services in the sanctuary of the building ended when the new expansion was finished in 2001. The sanctuary still saw some use from time to time for weddings, funerals, and special occasions, but mostly sat empty.

Entering the old sanctuary is a bittersweet moment. When you walk up the original, hand cut stone steps and enter through the original doors the first thing that draws attention are the magnificent stained glass windows. The sanctuary is filled with stained glass windows that were hand-crafted in Cadiz. It also shows the original brick from under the falling drywall. One of the large windows is being held up by a wood base and the ceiling has warped and is sinking.

This damage has rendered the sanctuary unsafe for use. The church leaders will be meeting soon to discuss options for the building and what the best route will be.

Although no one wants to destroy the building, the finances may not be available to save the old church. An estimate of at least $1 million was given by one builder to repair and restore the building. The church leaders have not come to any decisions on what to do with the building. Hopefully, they will come up with a solution to save the beautiful "old church."

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