This first May meeting of the Trigg County Fiscal Court was held May 7. The meeting began promptly at 6 p.m. Magistrate Jeff Broadbent began the meeting with a prayer and Magistrate Mike Wright led the Pledge of Allegiance.

The meeting began with regular business. First was the approval of minutes from the April 16 meeting. Broadbent motioned to approve. Magistrate Donnie Tyler seconded and it passed unopposed. Tammy Groves then gave the report on bank transfers. Magistrate Larry Lawrence motioned to approve with a second from Magistrate John Gray. All voted in favor.

Next on the agenda was to set the salary for the county attorney. The state has it set at no more than $49,000. Trigg County Fiscal Court proposed an increase to $46,800. Broadbent motioned to approve, Wright seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

The court then moved on to look at the Kentucky Transportation County Road Aid Agreement. This is a monetary aid to repair county roads given by the Transportation Cabinet each year. This year the county will receive $1,361,940.42 to repair roads throughout the county.

Prizer Point Marina asked for the Fiscal Court to pave a portion of the new entrance to the marina and resort area. Judge-Executive Hollis Alexander supported this request, saying, "Prizer Point brings a lot of people into our area every year, I don't even know how many dollars. He provides many job opportunities in the county as well."

The proposed area is 16 feet wide and already has the proper base. It just needs to be paved. This would cost the court about $6,000. Tyler motioned to approve this request. He was seconded by Wright, and all voted in favor.

Alexander made a request to rename the bridge on Glenwood Mill Road after the late Hal Fennel. He stated that he had already spoken to the family about it and they were OK with the idea. Wright mentioned that officials had made sure that Glenwood Mill was not a family name in town and they wouldn't be removing anyone's name with this action. "Hal was retired and ran our Trigg County Health Department for many years. He was an active member of the Pennyrile Board of Health. He had served as the chairman for 22 plus years on our local emergency planning board." Alexander said of Fennel. Fennel lost his life on Glenwood Mill Bridge in flooding in April 2014. Wright motioned to approve this change. He was seconded by Tyler and the motion passed unopposed.

The court also approved the new health insurance plans for local government employees and passed an annual resolution for the continuity of government in case of emergency or disaster.

Sheriff Ray Burnam spoke about a sheriff's deputy in Florida who lost his life in the line of duty over the weekend. Deputy William Gentry was the first cousin of Trigg County Sheriff Deputy Johnson's wife.

In magistrate's comments Gray again asked about the repairs to Highway 164. "As a representative of the Fifth District, 164 is still a big issue as we all know and everyone is really upset about it and I thought we would even have some people here tonight. I want to compliment the state road department. They can't keep up with it because the potholes over there are so bad. Someone is going to get seriously hurt or die on that road because it is so bad."

Wright asked again about the fence on Stoney Lane. There was no update as offficials are awaiting paperwork from the landowner's lawyer. Magistrate Scotty Hampton asked about the connecting road from Blue Springs road to U.S. 68/Ky. 80. Alexander said officials have been in works with the road engineer. They have the plans to go ahead, but they are waiting for approval from the Army Corps of Engineers and landowners who would be impacted. Broadbent thanked the road department for patching Highway 124 and mentioned that Highway 126 is in need of patching as well. The court went into executive session at 6:39 p.m.

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