Champions returns to Cadiz with trophies

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Makoto Hiter (back row, from left), Sara Roark, Alyesha Nyakeraka, Sara Roark, (front row, from left) Gavin Poirier, Nicoles Oliver, Nathan Quiggins. Showing off some of the trophies won during the 4th Annual Music City Championship on May 12 in Murfreesboro, Tenn.

For the second time in as many months the martial artists of Champions Taekwondo Center returned from a regional taekwondo tournament with multiple trophies for individual accomplishments. The Champions competed on Saturday, May 12. in the 4th Annual Music City Championship hosted by Black Dragon Martial Arts, Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Schools from across Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, and Florida were represented at this outstanding tournament, said tournament director Master Nicholas Cotellesse.

Champions lead instructor Charles Hiter said that this was the first tournament for nearly all of the students to actually compete in the sparring competition. The fighters compete using Olympic style sparring rules which includes full contact kicking, body punches, with not stopping in a round unless there is a penalty. Of the six Champions who competed in sparring Makoto Hiter, a brown belt, ended up sparring against a more senior black belt fighter using the same electronic scoring sensors as used in the Olympic qualifying tournaments.

Sparring Results:

12-14-year old Fly Weight (Male): 1st Place--Makoto Hiter

12-14-year old Middle Weight (Female): 3rd Place--Alyesha Nyakeraka

12-14-year-old Heavy Weight (Female): 3rd Place--Sara Roark

10-11-year-old Lt Heavy (Female): 1st Place--Samantha Roark

10-11-year-old Feather Weight: 1st Place--Nathan Quiggins

8-9-year-old Feather Weight: 1st Place--Gavin Poirier

In addition to sparring the Champions competed in the forms competition. Taekwondo forms, or poomsee, are traditional martial arts patterns of movements and skills that all students learn as they progress in seniority. The youngest competitor was Nicholas Oliver, a member of the Little Champion program. Nicholas competed against 5-7-year olds and was able to place 3rd in his bracket.

Poomsee Results:

12-14-year-olds White/Yellow/Orange Belts (female): 1st Place--Alyesha Nyakeraka, 3rd Place--Sara Roark

10-11-year-olds White/Yellow/Orange Belts (male): 1st Place--Nathan Quiggins

10-11 year-olds White/Yellow/Orange Belts (female): 2nd Place--Samantha Roark

5-7-year-olds White/Yellow/Orange Belts: 3rd Place--Nicholas Oliver

The final event was the board breaking competition. In this event the Champions had 3 minutes to set-up, break, and clean-up the boards. This event allows the martial artists to choose their strongest kicks, punches, or strikes to score points for power and style.

Nicholas Oliver placed third in the 5-7 year old White/Yellow/Orange belt category after breaking three boards with a jump hammer fist, hammer fist, and front snap quick. Gavin Poirier placed second in the 8-9 year old White/Yellow/Orange Belts division with a hammer fist, ax kick, roundhouse kick, and punch.

Hiter wants to thank all of the parents and Champions for their efforts in making this tournament such a success. They work hard each every class to learn this traditional Korean martial arts as well as overcome their fears in breaking boards and full contact sparring. In addition to basic fitness, taekwondo teaches all ages skills that are appropriate for everyone from the basics of balance and coordination to integrity and self-control.

Champions Taekwondo Center will continue classes year around with classes every Tuesday and Thursday at The Way on Lafayette Street in Cadiz. Children from 4-7 have class from 6-6:45 Tuesday and anyone over the age of 7, to include adults, may participate in classes on Tuesday from 6:45-8 and Thursday from 6-7:30. Information can be found on Facebook at @ChampionsTKD.Cadiz, by emailing, or stopping by The Way whenever classes are being held.

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