Recently one of Cadiz's finest took it upon himself to once again do something nice for one of his friends. Willie Wilson wrote and recited the tribute below to his friend on her 102nd birthday celebration.

On this April 29, 2018, at Cerulean Baptist Church, we honor a very special lady. Mrs. Rozell Burgess, of Cerulean, Kentucky, is indeed special. Special to the Cerulean Community, Cerulean Baptist Church, and a special friend to all of us.

We are happy to join in the celebration of Rozell's 102nd birthday May 2, 2018. We joke around a lot, like playing "The Charleston" on the piano (for her to dance) but in all seriousness, Rozell is a wonderful Christian lady who has lived a life that touched so many people. A lifelong resident of Cerulean, she is a graduate of Cerulean High School. She married Earl Burgess, and they raised two daughters, Joyce Audas, of Hopkinsville, Kentucky and Carolyn Kingins, of Cerulean. Rozell worked at Charles' Store, and Montgomery Wards in Hopkinsville. Back then you could ride the bus to and from work.

Widowed by the passing of her husband Earl, she still remained active, with grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and many of them are here today.

She taught Sunday school, and before her health prevented it, she seldom missed a Sunday morning, Sunday night or Wednesday night service. She had 30 years of perfect Sunday school attendance. She has been on every committee in church, and has served as the "Cerulean Friends Flower Lady" since 1972.

Time does not permit us to list all of her accomplishments, but let us just say,

We know Rozell loves us, and we love her. I call her "My Encourager." She has encouraged me more times than I can count, and I'm only one of many. Her love, and encouragement have gone out to countless others, throughout this church, community, and beyond.

Thank you, Rozell. We love you, and Happy 102nd Birthday.

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